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The first announcement that we would like to share with you all is that this year, 2022, is the 100th year anniversary of the discovery of the EGG technology, by Walter Alvarez at the Mayo Clinic. We invite you to join us this year, as we review the 100 years of progress and the future of this unique and critical device in understanding disorders such as Gastroparesis, Functional Dyspepsia, GERD and Obesity.

3CPM is registered as a private corporation in Delaware. Initially founded with private investor capital, the company is currently supported by sales of its products in the US and international marketplace. 

All products have established regulatory approvals including: FDA DENOVO clearance, CE MDD (MDR pending) MDSAP and ISO 13485. Its flagship product, the Electrogastrography System, is protected by extensive worldwide patents for the current device as well as all future iterations.

The 3CPM Electrogastrography system is used by many of the finest academic and clinical institutions including the National Institutes of Health, Cleveland Clinic, Baylor,  Cali Children’s, Beth Israel Hospital, Central Pacific Medical Center, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Nationwide, Northwestern Children’s, Stanford, , Temple University, University of Illinois, University of Louisville, University of Texas, Wake Forest, and multiple private clinical practices.

The unique 3CPM technology, the EGG, has been likened to an electrocardiogram of the heart.  It is a diagnostic device that reads the complex physiology of the gastrointestinal tract. The key to the technology is its ability to sense and interpret the complex electrical signals of the gastrointestinal system. These signals are compared to population normals and reported as subtypes of disease that are associated with predictable therapies and outcomes. With this information physicians may determine the optimal treatment and even offer some patients the chance to cure their disease.

Many have likened the EGG to the Tricorder seen on Star Trek because of its ability diagnose problems by reading the internal cellular anatomy and biochemical processes necessary to maintain normal functioning of the body.

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